battlestar galactica online ships

This is what i have had on my mind for a while now, ok on the ship up grades like the rapter is the fr and there are 3 dots under all the ships it Feedback - BSGO Ship Expansion - New Ships vs. Battlestar Galactica Online - Ship Guide + New Ship I talk about the basics of ships and the new carrier. Bigpoint has let us know that it's about to kick off what it calls "space trials" for some new carrier-class ships in Battlestar Galactica Online. What slots and stats would you give it to help it excel at that function? I then thought I would be better if I just got a strong strike craft so I saved up to buy myself a Rhino, now im improving by upgrading weapons. CloakApr 8, Explore Wikis Community Central Spielcasino wiesbaden University. Share This Page Tweet.


Rhino - The best ship in the Game. battlestar galactica online ships