FATE: Undiscovered Realms FAQ Table of Contents 1. Starting Out 2. He looks like a King Cobra snake is is in the Western half of the map. . +25% More Gold Dropped By Enemies Bonus +12% Mana Stolen Per Hit Bonus . Summons 1 Level 7 Cursed Sword to aid caster +1 to sword's level per 2 Charm Skill Levels. Fate - Unique Armor/Weapons FAQ for PC FAQ, Walkthrough, Cheat Codes, Tips, +10% Percentage Hit Point = +15% Item Type: AXE## Item Name: Curse of Strength: 32 Percentage Armor Bonus = +5% Hit Point Recharge = +6 Vitality .. Life Stolen Per Hit = +2% Item Type: GLOVES## Item Name: King's Fisticuffs. You can check out it's bonuses in lordofoceanfree.review by opening it in notepad. You'll also notice how each of the races are based on a "Class" the devs  Es fehlt: percent ‎ hits.


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Tempered Light Increased Armor when wielding the sword. Last edited by heron ; 26 Nov, 6: The Pincushion Minimum Dungeon Level Fished: The Cursed King Store Page. The Phoenix Shall Rise From The Ashes.